Dragon Boat Racing is popular in 60 countries worldwide, but has its roots in Southern China.  Since 1976, the sport has steadily gathered momentum and is one of the fastest growing water sports with over 100 annual festivals around the world.

Dragon Boats are now here in Cyprus since the island is perfectly suited to the sport especially as the good weather conditions mean that it can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Dragon boats usually have a team of 20 but can also be used with less people. A drummer is always seated behind the dragon’s head and his rhythmic drum beat is known as the heart beat of the dragon. His drumming controls the timing and frequency of the paddling and is synchronized to the leading pair of paddlers who sit immediately behind him and set the pace for the whole team. The paddlers sit in pairs facing forwards and use specially designed paddles.

In competition we can use 2 to 4 Dragon Boats that means for about 60 to 80 participants; in case of more participants then we can organize a Pre-Race and then go to the Final Race.
Racing distance can be ranged from 200 meters to 500 meters. For small groups up to 60 participants the whole competition will take approximately 4 hours.

Competitors will be weighted before racing and then separated in groups. A practice race will first take place before the main race.

Price includes Organizing committee on an inflatable boat, training / briefing, Lifejackets, one skipper per Dragon Boat, snacks (sandwiches), water, Prize and certificate to the winner team.

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